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MTG Commander League (Thursday) FREE!!!! Every Thursday at 6PM

MTG Commander League (Thursday) FREE!!!! Every Thursday at 6PM

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Commander League (November):


FREE!!!!!Every week!!!!!!


League players will aquire points each week for each game they play and also just for attending as follows.


*2 Points for winning a pod

*1 Point for playing in a pod

*2 Points for attending the event.

Each week there will be a high value target determined by the player who is in attendance at the start of league that day with the most points earned in the previous week.

These high value targets will award an additional point to the player who takes that player out during any pod played that day(making wins worth a potential 3 points).

Each week players will cast 1 vote for who they think is the most sportsman like player of the day. This player will receive 1 random promo to be determined weekly by the 

store and will grow in value based off of how many players attend that week.

Players can choose to opt out of the challenge for the week and play in pods with no active challenge players but they will receive no bonus points towards the league.

Week 1

Nothing special just commander.(1 week break from the normal grind)

Week 2


*This week players will also play with planechase decks provided by the store..


Week 3


*This week Player will be provided with or bring there own vanguards to also play with there commanders.

Week 4

Ramp it up

*This week at the beginning of each players precombat main phase they will be awarded 2 colorless mana to spend as they see fit.  This mana follow all the normal rulles for mana and happens before and abilities or actions can be taken.

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