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Sinister Serpent - SDD-002 - Secret Rare - Limited Edition

Sinister Serpent - SDD-002 - Secret Rare - Limited Edition

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ATK/DEF: 300/250
Attribute: Water
Card Number: SDD-002
Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. The effect of this card is optional you do not have to return it to your hand. The effect of this card activates no matter how it is sent to the Graveyard. It can be destroyed, Tributed, discarded from the hand, or sent straight from the Deck to the Graveyard. If your 'Sinister Serpent' is on the field and is destroyed during your Standby Phase, you may return it to your hand during that same Standby Phase. If 'Sinister Serpent' is destroyed as a result of battle with 'Dark Ruler Ha Des' or 'Dark Balter the Terrible' you cannot activate its effect and return it to your hand during your next Standby Phase, or any subsequent Standby Phase. You cannot activate the effect of 'Sinister Serpent' if 'The End of Anubis' is on the field. 'Necrovalley' does not negate the effect of 'Sinister Serpent'. [Re: Big Burn] You can't activate 'Big Burn' when 'Sinister Serpent' activates in the Graveyard, because 'Sinister Serpent' doesn't target. [Re: Dark Ruler Ha Des] Flip Effects and effects that activate in the Graveyard WILL be negated. This includes 'Sinister Serpent', 'Sangan', 'Witch of the Black Forest', 'Marie the Fallen One', 'Mystic Tomato', 'Giant Rat', 'Masked Dragon', 'Magician of Faith', 'Man-Eater Bug', 'Nimble Momonga', 'Twin-Headed Behemoth', etc. [Re: Dark Ruler Ha Des] If 'Sinister Serpent', 'Twin-Headed Behemoth', or 'Marie the Fallen One' is destroyed by a Fiend-Type monster when this card is on the field, they will not activate on any following turn. So during your opponent's next Standby Phase, and each of his/her following Standby Phases, they may NOT move 'Sinister Serpent' to their hand, Special Summon 'Twin-Headed Behemoth', and they will NOT gain Life Points by the effect of 'Marie the Fallen One'. This negation continues even if 'Dark Ruler Ha Des' is later removed from the field. [Re: Deck Devastation Virus] If you return 'Sinister Serpent' to your hand after 'Deck Devastation Virus' has resolved, it will NOT be destroyed, because it was not drawn. [Re: Diffusion Wave-Motion] A Level 7 Spellcaster-Type monster selected with 'Diffusion Wave-Motion' will negate: the Flip Effects of a monster it destroys as a result of battle, or the effects of 'Giant Rat', 'Sangan', 'Dark Necrofear', 'Sinister Serpent', 'D.D. Warrior Lady', 'Wall of Illusion', 'Helpoemer', 'Marie the Fallen One', etc. [Re: Divine Wrath] After you negate the effect of 'Sinister Serpent' with 'Divine Wrath', your opponent can activate the effect of 'Sinister Serpent' again to return it to his hand, even during the same Standby Phase. [Re: Element Soldier] If 'Element Soldier' destroys 'Sinister Serpent' while there is an EARTH monster on the field, 'Sinister Serpent' cannot be added to your hand even if 'Element Soldier' is removed from the field or loses its ability later on because there is no longer an EARTH monster. [Re: Gorgon's Eye] 'Gorgon's Eye' cannot negate the effect of 'Sangan', 'Witch of the Black Forest', or 'Sinister Serpent' because they activate in the Graveyard. If a Defense Position 'Slate Warrior' is attacked and destroyed, the effect of 'Slate Warrior' that lowers ATK and DEF is applied because it activates in the Graveyard. [Re: Last Turn] If you activate 'Last Turn' during the Draw Phase or Standby Phase, and select your face-up 'Jowgen the Spiritualist', your opponent can still retrieve their 'Sinister Serpent', Summon it normally in Main Phase 1, and attack and destroy 'Jowgen the Spiritualist' in the normal Battle Phase, then win the Duel in the End Phase because of the victory check of 'Last Turn'. [Re: Magical Thorn] 'Magical Thorn' will deal damage between steps in a chain. For example, both you and your opponent have 100 Life Points remaining, your opponent has two cards in their hand and you have 'Magical Thorn' active on the field and a Set 'Mind Crush'. It is your opponent's turn and they activate 'Final Flame' to deal 600 points of damage to you, and you chain 'Mind Crush' calling the 'Sinister Serpent' you know they have in their hand. After Step 2 ('Mind Crush') resolves, the effect of 'Magical Thorn' deals 500 points of damage to your opponent and you win the Duel before Step 1, 'Final Flame', resolves. [Re: Mirage of Nightmare] If you discard 'Sinister Serpent' during your Standby Phase for the effect of 'Mirage of Nightmare', you may add 'Sinister Serpent' back to your hand during that same Standby Phase. [Re: Necrovalley] 'Necrovalley' will NOT negate effects that are activated when a card is sent TO the Graveyard or that activate IN the Graveyard or that count cards in the Graveyard. So it will NOT negate the effects of 'Sangan', 'Witch of the Black Forest', 'Black Pendant', 'Giant Rat', 'Mystic Tomato', 'Kuriboh', 'Graceful Charity', 'Sinister Serpent', 'Marie the Fallen One', 'Buster Blader', 'Shadow Ghoul', 'Helpoemer', 'Sword of Deep-Seated', 'Vampire Lord', 'Coffin Seller', and 'Magical Thorn'. [Re: Revived King Ha Des] If a Zombie-Type monster you control destroys 'Treeborn Frog' or 'Sinister Serpent', the effect of 'Treeborn Frog' or 'Sinister Serpent' is negated even if 'Revived King Ha Des' is later removed from the field. [Re: Skill Drain] 'Skill Drain' negates the effects of face-up Effect Monsters on the field, but does not negate effects that activate in the Graveyard, such as 'Witch of the Black Forest', 'Sangan', 'Mystic Tomato', 'Giant Rat', 'Sinister Serpent', and 'Vampire Lord'. [Re: The End of Anubis] 'The End of Anubis' WILL negate the effects of 'Night Assailant' (its second effect), 'Aswan Apparition', 'Nubian Guard', 'Sangan', 'Witch of the Black Forest' (even if Tributed to Tribute Summon 'The End of Anubis'), 'Mystic Tomato'/'Giant Rat'/etc., 'Sinister Serpent', 'Magician of Faith', 'Dark Magician of Chaos'' spell retrieval effect, 'Vampire Lord''s ability to return from the Graveyard, 'Dark Necrofear''s ability to return from the Graveyard, and activation of 'Call of the Haunted' or 'Premature Burial'.
Card Text: During your Standby Phase, if a 'Sinister Serpent' exists in your Graveyard, you can return the 'Sinister Serpent' to your hand.
Card Type: Effect Monster
Edition: Limited
Level: 1
Monster Type: Reptile
Name: Sinister Serpent
Passcode: 08131171
Rarity: Secret Rare
Set: Stairway to the Destined Duel GBA Promo
Pendulum Scale:

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